World Championship title – a project or a process of team growth?

New Year’s Eve 2014. Together with my family we celebrated at the Carlos Gardel Theater, stronghold of tango in San Telmo, a district of Buenos Aires.

The reason for this was a lost bet on my part to my family. If the German team should win the World Cup title, we wanted to travel to the country of the German final opponent. It became Argentina and (unfortunately?) not the Netherlands. That would have been closer.

I had thought it impossible that a European team on the American continent would be able to win the World Cup title. Because this has never happened before in the history of the World Cup.

And then – a long and rocky road. Shortly before the finish lost semi-finals (World Cup 2006, World Cup 2010, Euro 2012) and even a lost final (Euro 2008) against opponents, that Germany used not to be able to win against – Italy and Spain. And all this was part of the path of the team, born in the German football fairy tale 2006. A golden generation.

And today, Dec 18th, 2022, eight years later, it is Argentina, the new World Cup Champion. Well deserved!

It was a long and rocky road for Argentina and Messi. Three losses in a row against Germany (Quarterfinals 2006, Quarterfinals 2010, Final 2014) and an epic 3-4 loss in 2018 against France. And all this was part of the path of the team, born during the German football fairy tale 2006, Messi’s first World Cup tournament.

Why did it work out in the end, in both cases?

It was not a four-year project, but growth and development. Growing up with all those experiences of birth, first steps, beautiful sense of achievement, puberty and finally the graduation. And that took five World Cup tournaments or a full sixteen years for Argentina, a little less but similar for Germany.

And the following is part of growing towards that successful team.

  • Overcoming disappointments and growing from them.
  • Chronos and Kairos must fit together.
  • There are no coincidences, only the synchronicity of events. Happy moments, yes. But luck has also been earned.


We on our part now enjoyed the wonderful holiday in the country of the German final opponent. Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, waterfalls in Iguacu in and on the border with Brazil, Talampaya National Park and Valle de Luna. We are now familiar with Difunta Correa and Gauchito Gil and love the Malbec wine of Mendoza.

We were treated with a lot of respect during our trip and we often heard that Germany deserved the title. Eight years later, one can say. Respect for Argentina, a great football nation.

And what do you think is the best way to become world champion?

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