Working out of Sydney

Sometimes I just love the technology.

Work starts for me every morning out of my temporary office in Sydney between suitcases and diapers, size 3 and size 5. We share a wonderful apartment here with our two grandchildren and the family of one of our daughters. And our other daughter lives with her fiance just down the street, a few steps to walk from Surry Hills to Chippendale.

The coastal walks are part of my weekly plan as is the daily morning swim at the public pool around the corner.

And work is all virtual including the lectures of my Business Ethics course at the University of Applied Sciences at Albstadt-Sigmaringen in Germany. Interesting that my recent session was about New Work including the concepts of agility, design thinking and holacracy.

And with the students in the course, I discussed what workation means. Now, I am fully aware of it, as I experience the wonderful advantages.

Everything was hanging by a thread, though, three days before planned departure from Frankfurt. My laptop broke, non-repairable. Murphy’s law. Happily, I am connected to Stefan Wellsow, who did everything to get a new device selected and set up on super short notice. A big thank you for that.

Now I can spend a few weeks in Sydney with family. A long-awaited merge. Not so much a holiday, but more of a temporary move, a commute between Frankfurt and Sydney.

Sometimes, I really love the technology…
…. if it works.

➡️ And you? How do you combine family matters and business work in your life?

If you are interested, follow me at LinkedIn at #Prepare4Landing, or contact me directly. I’m Bernd Scharbert and my task as a mentor and facilitator for leaders is to ensure that virtual intercultural teams will grow and develop their performance to the next level.

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