When moments of happiness become a sense of achievement

Sabbatical with purpose, that’s how I named my year 2022. For orientation, to try out new things and with plenty of room in the calendar for spontaneity. Linda Bosse called it a treasure hunt, Yani Neugebauer would say, it is a truffle hunt.

A brief summary of the highlights

✳ Learned a lot about psychological safety and being able to observe how a playbook for this topic is created. I am grateful that my feedback to Karolin Helbig and Minette Norman is very much appreciated.

✳ Get to know young, talented and enthusiastic people in their Voluntary Ecological Year and accompany them in their dialogue talks with industrial companies on the subject of sustainability. How nice that Laurin Strößenreuther took me on this journey.

✳ The Demography Network Hamburg and the wonderful initiative Change Maker 50+. Klaus-Peter Mikulla was my guide to find it.

✳ Topics of conversation, new contacts and many ideas discovered as an Alumni of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes in the business network and at the conference “Organization & Leadership Culture” in Berlin. It’s a wonderful thing that Ron Melz and Volkert Sjut were able to get me engaged.

✳ Reflecting on my experience in intercultural leadership competence and comparing and expanding it with recent findings from highly interesting literature (including Anna Fuchs, Robert Gibson and Furkan Karayel).

✳ A dream trip. Six weeks in Australia. A long-awaited family reunion. Less a holiday, but rather a temporary move, a commute between Frankfurt and Sydney, even if it took almost two days.

This year, I will combine these highlights for topics related to leadership culture in the global environment and provide mentoring advice and assistance, where I am needed.

I am grateful for old, new and wonderful contacts: for the exchange, the interest, for the many learning moments and for the trust. And Ursula Vormwald for the wonderful accompaniment of my future design.

➡ Moments of happiness and a sense of achievement are important categories in my journal for reflection. Which categories are you using?

The year 2023 has begun. Topics, fields of activity (or should I say playground) and new tasks have emerged. But I will report on that in good time.

Happy New Year and a big thank you to all in my network.

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