What I can learn from my Dad

My dad is now well over ninety years old and is approaching the “hundred”. His words.

As a former managing director of a small family-run business, he has actually (yes, actually) been retired for more than 30 years.

Although we live 280 kilometers away, we see each other regularly, several times a month, usually. We then also talk about what kept him so fit.

🟢 Lifelong working is a basic requirement –

My father has always remained being the „managing director“. First of all, the training of his successor, by the hour and only in bad weather. In good weather, he swims his laps or „runs“ his project in his garden, 1000 square meters in size.

Today he is the manager of his garden. He still does a lot of things himself. What he can still do. And the rest is delegated to his employees: family members, neighbourhood and orders to external service providers. And my mother is the most important supporter when it comes to processing the rich harvest, all organic products of course.

🟢 Being able to let go at the right time –

My father witnessed and accompanied the development of alpine skiing during the German „Wirtschaftswunder“. Cross-country skiing too, by the way. Skiing was one of his passions. After his knee surgeries and an artificial knee joint, he gradually reduced and stopped doing it completely at the age of 65. Everything has its time.

I’m now his age from back then and do a lot to keep myself fit for skiing. I also love this sport and am aware that I have to reduce gradually. So moguls are no longer possible.

🟢 The joy of being active is the fun factor that keeps you mentally fit –

The investment strategy in skilful but not exaggerated stock market trading was the basis for a balanced income at retirement age. My father is still active in it. And it has always been and always is shaped by knowledge of the companies in which he invests.

“Why are you still doing this, even though you don’t need it anymore?” was my question to him.

“Because it gives me pleasure,” was his answer. “And it gives me good self-esteem.”

Good. I can accept that. And as an important side effect of this: he is and remains an interesting and competent interlocutor on topics of economic developments in Germany and the world. And that’s wonderful.

I intend to learn from his example and thus prepare myself for “growing old”.

➡️ And you, how do you do that?

I am Bernd Scharbert and my task as a mentor for executives and leaders is to accompany them in such a way that globally composed and intercultural teams have the opportunity to grow together. If you are interested, please follow me at LinkedIn #Prepare4Landing or contact me directly.

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