Travelling – Moments of Happiness

It’s these little moments of happiness …

With my parents’ VW Beetle in the 60s from Oberndorf am Neckar between Swabian Alb and Black Forest to Lido degli Estensi on the Italian Adriatic coast. A trip that started at 2 a.m. and made us arrive at our destination campsite in the late afternoon hours. The sea in its infinity in front of us, the salt in the air, the low sun, a first ice cream on the beach. Unforgettable moments of happiness.

Later, during my first own vacation trips, this feeling was so awake when I spent the night on deck in a sleeping bag on the ferry from Brindisi to Patras and experienced the sunrise in Greece the next morning. The sea, the salt in the air, the rising sun and a first ice cream in hand for breakfast.

With our own family we drove from Frankfurt to Tuscany, the Tarot Garden by Niki de St. Phalle was the destination. Overnight. Arriving early in the morning and at sunrise we were by the sea and tasted the salt in the air on our tongues.

This feeling of happiness of these trips, which last such a day, is deeply rooted. Even when you’re not going on vacation.

And today, a 14-hour journey takes me from Frankfurt am Main to Singapore, for example. By plane to another world. On arrival it is already dark at night, but still very hot with very high humidity. Time for an ice cream. And the sea is very close. Can I smell the salt?

The little moments of happiness have a permanent place in my journal. It is a separate category, one of four, to reflect, capture and be very aware of these moments. Journaling has become an integral part of my routines – a small tradition.

➡ And you? How do you experience your little moments of happiness?

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