To keep one other back-up option – always

I have lasting memories of my first management seminar.

Barely two years in the company, I was one of the promising young to-be-leaders in whom high expectations were placed. One of the rules taught was the following tip:

“If you want your employees to achieve something, cut them off every way back. Just leave this one path open to them.”

The trainer showed us a cartoon. A small person was drawn, who sat high in the tree on the last branch and only this branch kept the way back to the ground, if you did not want to fall.

✳ Change of perspective –

In this picture, I saw myself not only as a boss standing below with his arms crossed, but also in the role of the employee on top of the branch. I have never liked climbing trees and certainly not on poorly bearing branches. And falling down is not an option.

At the moment of training, it was crystal clear to me that this should never ever happen to me in my role as an employee. I always wanted to make sure I had at least one alternative way out.

In my role as a manager, I have always advised my employees to keep at least one other option open. Like this little koala in the picture on Raymond Island between Melbourne and Sydney.

You may not find or recognize this option at first glance, but there is always at least one other way.

And this way of thinking creates inner independence.

And that boosts performance.

My opinion.

➡ And what do you think?

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