Team unity, team spirit, title dreams

Team unity, team spirit, title dreams. UEFA EURO 2024, the group stage is coming to an end and the play-offs begin.

As a leader, you may be hearing the following question right now, which relates to your area of responsibility:
2️⃣ “When you look at your team: What are you satisfied with and what would you like to change?”

The nice thing about the question, I think, is first of all the term “team”. Because it already addresses what is important to me personally. I would like to have a team, a team and not a collection of individual performers.

Each player in the team has his role and his strengths and his weaknesses. I can live well with that, because I know her. It is important that the interaction is right. And that’s my job, to make sure that it works. Like Julian Nagelsmann with the national team or like a conductor with his orchestra.

I am then satisfied,
✳️ if disciplined and strong will are practiced.
✳️ Then, when detected dissonances are resolved together
✳️ and then when the performance is in view and not the backward-looking blame when something has gone wrong.

Mistakes can and will happen. Also to me. That’s human. I, as a manager, want to create an atmosphere where you can feel safe to take a risk and want to play a solo, even if you are still quite nervous beforehand. A good error culture is just part of it.

And change? This happens situationally, adapted to the events that flood us from outside. Or when I realize that a change of strategy is necessary. In this case, there will be major changes. But don’t worry, all employees are taken on board from the very beginning.

➡️ And with you? What does your team line-up look like?

Thanks Martina Frahn for the question and the inspiration for this article, see

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