Surprise in my Mailbox today

I have known Karolin for more than fifteen years. Back then, we worked together as a team to develop strategies on how we could make an important value chain in chemical production more profitable and thus remain competitive.

We managed to do that well at the time. Karolin in the role of a consultant for a large consulting firm and I in my role as plant manager within a global chemical corporation.

Since then, we have never completely lost sight of each other. And this is due to a common passion, reading and sharing the knowledge collected out of books.

In the meantime, we are both on our own Business now, and that’s how we’ve found each other again a few years ago.

On my way with Karolin, exchanging ideas on virtual and face-to-face meetings, I welcomed the opportunity to learn so much about psychological safety and at the same time I was able to reflect my own experience against it. A real win-win situation.

Exciting news. With the mail of today, the Playbook of Karolin Helbig and Minette Norman is on my desk now.

Pragmatic examples, straightforward to use, short & crisp. The translation from theory into practice is an important key to create an inspiring work atmosphere.

I feel, that Play 3 might develop into my favourite, as modelling non-defensive reactions and hit the pause button is so much needed. And I find inclusion booster (Play 5) super exciting, especially in the intercultural context that I experienced so intensively in my past.

➡ I am so happy that I can start reading now. Thank you for the opportunity to be an ambassador for this Playbook.

And with a side note: What a wonderful coincidence, that Minette and I virtually met in the course of my post here about Intercultural Leadership some months ago.

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