Small Talk is Big Talk – Football connects

Pic: Sportsbar in Sydney broadcasted the game at 2 a.m.


Today, 10 a.m., Downtown Sydney.

I am the first customer in a print shop and am currently inquiring about the possibilities of having a pdf document printed from an email. It is clear from my accent that I’m not from here.

“Where do you come from?”.

Silence. I can see that my counterpart needs a moment to find suitable words.

He shakes his head, “OMG, what a game tonight. Spain. I can feel with you!”

I am amazed. The game started at 2 a.m. local time. I myself woke up at 1:48 a.m. – without an alarm clock – and watched the game. What a drama and what an amazing spectacle. And it wasn’t until 5 a.m. that I was ready for a disenchanted coffee.

My counterpart is Korean, and, as strange as it sounds, I feel his words as appreciative encouragement. Comforting!

Review of the last German title in 2014. It was a long and rocky road and took eight long years and five major tournaments from 2006 onwards.

Winning the title is not a short-term project, but growth and development are the order of the day. And that’s why a successful team also needs …
✳️ … to overcome disappointments and to grow from them.
✳️ … to exercise patience – Chronos and Kairos must go together.
✳️ … to accept that there are no coincidences, but only synchronicity of events. Unfortunate moments, yes. But you may also invest before to earn the lucky moments.

Patience is required and the momentum needs to be kept. After the European Championships is before the World Cup. A promising re-start has been made. It was time. The German team has a future again.

And the Spanish team may already be on the verge of the next title. I would feel happy with them and also with my friends from and around Tarragona. Congratulations to you on this victory in the quarterfinals.

The fact that I feel comforting words with a Korean in small talk in Australia about the German game against Spain makes it clear to me that …

➡️ … Football connects – across all borders. Do you see it also that way?

I am Bernd Scharbert and Small Talk is one of the recipes and ingredients, how to create the basis for cultural success factors. It’s about storytelling, and building bridges. If you are interested to learn more about this, you are welcome to follow me at LinkedIn, Prepare4Landing.

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