Skiing in a winter landscape is on my “to-be list”

Such a mixture of light snowfall, sun and fast-moving clouds, some fresh snow on the slopes in a fairy tale winter landscape. I love that.

Many years ago, when we started a family, my wife and I, had to decide. Winter holidays or summer holidays? Doing both were simply not financially possible at that time.

Winter has won.

We both grew up on the edge of the Black Forest, and I discovered my passion for skiing as a child. With our two daughters, we then lived in Frankfurt am Main, a good five to six hours drive from a ski resort.

Our idea: With a regular ski holiday in winter, we would give our two daughters the opportunity to learn to ski and develop it over the years.

And indeed, it has become a real family tradition, home and retreat for all of us once a year, and almost always together. To date.

The improvement of the technique was for a long time most important to us, as well as the excitement of the driven highspeed when it went down a steep slope.

Over the years, our perspective has changed.

Being able to ski and being allowed to ski is a gift. It is not important to race the best prepared slopes down into the valley as quickly and often as possible, but rather to enjoy the valley run, to combine sport, relaxation and the joy of nature.  Recharge your batteries. Appreciate.

Balance and awareness.

Traditions are important. You have to cultivate it, you can rethink it and develop it further. Especially and above all with the climate crisis in front of us and the question of how Alpine tourism will develop.

My joy of skiing in a winter landscape will not change. It is and remains on my list of those things, that give me energy. Some also call it the “to-be list”.

➡ Where do you recharge your batteries?

I found the inspiration for this blog in previous LinkedIn posts by Stefanie Zeep (Focus Words 2023), Brigitte Seiler (Traditions), Aldona Giesbrecht (To-Be list) and Kathy Borys Siddiqui (Life Balance). They have my appreciation.

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