Recharge your Batteries

In the past, when there was even more snow in the Black Forest in winter, I often just climbed over the garden fence in my parents’ house, strapped on my cross-country skis and walked a few meters cross-country through the fresh snow directly to the entrance to the groomed trail. Usually even right after getting up before breakfast. What a luxury.

Today my home office is located on the outskirts of Frankfurt and I have only a few hundred meters to the forest and the Nidda. I often run my jogging round right after getting up and before breakfast. What a luxury. And how valuable.

This morning I walked in a sea of flowers. How fantastic.

  • Recharge your batteries
  • Dream on
  • Think creatively
  • Enjoy
  • Appreciate

My experience has taught me that it is very important to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday working life, the time waste, the small-small. The big picture is important. Clarity about one’s own goals helps to consciously set priorities. And jogging in the morning has high priority.

And I become thoughtful – in view of the beauty of today’s impressions – at the great challenges of these days, peace and concentration on the topic of sustainability.

Leadership in Balance with Life.

What a dream today, right? Do you recognize the flowers?


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