Premiere as a book author

Ways out of the crisis – Looking into the crystal ball is a special challenge these days. How stable and positive does our future look like?

The team of authors wants to set impulses on this question in the book entitled “Zukunftssicherung” (Securing the future), which will soon be published by GABAL e.V.

From my point of view, dealing in and with crises has become a core competence necessity for companies, start-ups and the self-employed, also in the private sector. And it is becoming more and more important. Keywords: pandemic, climate crisis, geopolitics.

My contribution is about dealing with it and how to master a crisis and then turn it into an opportunity. It is a very personal experience report in a global and intercultural business environment: ⏭ ways out of the crisis and my generally valid recommendations from practice. ⏮

For me it is a premiere as a book author and I am very much looking forward to the publication and the associated actions together with the other authors.

Stay tuned!

➡ How do you like the book cover and the title? Plain and clear, isn’t it?

First of all, I would like to thank Marion Masholder for the initiative to bring us all authors together. An inspiring network is about to emerge from this. Exciting.

I’m Bernd Scharbert and my job as a mentor and supporter of executives and manager is to make sure that virtual global teams are successful. This also includes change and crisis management. If you are interested, please feel free to follow me at LinkedIn and hashtag #prepare4landing or contact me.

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