Online alternative in winter

Online would have been a better alternative, right?

Business ethics and sustainability is my topic – as a lecturer at the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences in the Faculty of Business Science and Management for the Bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration in the sixth semester. It is a hybrid lecture.

Most of the time I teach online from my home office in Frankfurt am Main. But three times a semester, I plan a face-to-face lecture, and then in pairs, always on Fridays and Tuesdays.

The nice thing about it is that Sigmaringen is close to my parents’ house. And so, visits to my parents can be combined, as well as wonderful opportunities to spend the weekend days in the Black Forest.

So I had also scheduled a lecture couple over this weekend, and didn’t think that it might really be winter.

We are snowed in, or rather, frozen. The roads are icy, train traffic is paralyzed.

The sounds are muffled. There is silence, or should I say a heavenly calm.

⏭ From time to time in the here and now. ⏮

Rosemarie Spindler called it the art of pausing in her beautiful article at LinkedIn ( today.

How grateful I am that I chose this weekend.

➡ And you? Where do you find your mindfulness moments?


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