Off to new Shores

What is actually on your business card?

Transitioning, off to new shores – Returning from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Frankfurt, Germany a few months ago, my curiosity and excitement increased, looking at how I would experience the transition from my professional life within a large, international company to being self-employed after retirement. Then, celebrations started and lots of network meetings happened before the pandemic restricted direct personal contacts and I had to move to virtual activities. My reflections:

  1. Stop on a high note, when you like it most. The ascent to the summit was exciting, challenging and definitely not always easy. Now pause for a moment, enjoy and then keep an eye on the descent. Because it too has to be well planned and should also be fun. Once at the bottom, one will certainly go to new shores, but not that high anymore.
  2. Celebrate the farewell. It’s time to remember the good and be grateful for it, to say thank you to those who have accompanied you in an appreciative, trusting and positive way. Make sure you celebrate with those you would like to have there. Sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes with a lot. The location, the guests and the design of the event are key.
  3. My new way of dealing with time. So far, I have sold part of my lifetime, my working time, as a whole to one employer only. From now on, I decide to whom I give this part of my life and how much it is worth to me. It is important to be selective. Creating value for the stakeholder and for myself, in equal parts. A win-win situation.


So, what now? At a recent network meeting, I was confronted with the question of what text will be written on my business card from tomorrow. What a good question! Please find my choice for the future, my way towards new shores, as compared to my previous one, pausing and enjoying the moment at the summit. I am curious what will be around the corner for me now and I am sure, it will be exciting.

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