My first year of self-employment

I wouldn’t have imagined it to be so wonderful. My first year of self-employment.

Open-minded, patient and calm was my start. With a lot of ideas and some projects in mind. But first I had allowed myself a sabbatical (with purpose), to go on a treasure hunt, so to speak. And I was able to dig up several treasures and they were buried in different places.

I wouldn’t have expected what came out of it. Not so fast.

✳ In the meantime, I have a lectureship for business students and thus already have my first contacts to the local, and at the same time globally positioned companies.

✳ I am an author and co-wrote a book that was presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

✳ Together with three colleagues, I am in the process setting up a start-up that is dedicated to the topics of the shortage of skilled workers and migration and will be set up in an intercultural context.

✳ The voluntary FöJ dialogue project on the topic of sustainability – FöJ stands for Voluntary Ecological Year – is entering its third year. A wonderful mix of mentoring and inverse learning.

✳ And mentoring (not so much coaching) in an intercultural context is what I do on demand. I have already written an article on the topic of intercultural leadership in the Journal of Business Chemistry.

Today, I set my own priorities and decide what I do and what I don’t do. In harmony with my values and time-conscious seizing the moment. From time to time in the here and now.

To provide advice and support for topics related to leadership culture in a global environment. Where I’m needed. That is my ambition, also for the coming year 2024. The foundation has been laid. I’m looking forward to it and I’m excited about the future.

And now it’s time for a break. A few weeks in Australia with family. A long-awaited merge. Not so much a holiday, but more of a temporary move, a commute between Frankfurt and Sydney.

➡ I write down successes, learning experiences, ideas for tomorrow and, above all, my moments of happiness in my journal for reflection. What do you write down?

My network is a valuable sounding board and sparkling inspiration for new ideas. Thank you for that and Happy New Year.

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