My first podcast

How I got my first podcast –

Well, a bit surprising and completely unplanned.

On April 27, I received a message from Gabal e.V. that the planning for the next anthology on GABAL’s annual theme 2023 “Securing the Future” is progressing, that initial ideas have been received, but that there are still author places available. As a potential author, they had also thought of me.

That was the beginning of an impressive and exciting journey to my first book contribution. Above all, this was due to the fact that a very inspiring network of authors developed and jointly coordinated activities that had to be implemented before and on the publication date of the book. And we quickly decided on one thing: we wanted to go to the Frankfurt Book Fair as authors.

As our deputy voice and as the doer par-excellence in the team, Marion Masholder emerged. What energy she exuded and encouraged people to participate. And she is actually an experienced podcast host.

In addition to becoming a book author, recording a podcast was also a first for me. Feel free to listen to Marion and me, if you like. It’s about ways out of the crisis and my five practical recommendations. Here is the link:

My first podcast. Unplanned and yet very intentional. Synchronicity of events. Serendipity, in other words.

➡ And what experiences have you had with surprising developments that lead you directly into the fulfillment of a long-cherished dream?

I’m Bernd Scharbert and my job as a mentor for leaders is to ensure that virtual and intercultural teams are successful. This also includes change and crisis management. If you are interested, please feel free to follow me on LinkedIn, #prepare4landing or contact me directly.

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