Lonely, I send e-mails

Lonely, I send e-mails from the hotel room. The minibar has plenty of drinks available. Through the Internet, I feel connected in the midst of my loneliness in a luxurious yet bland hotel room, very close to the world. I get contact, “Immediate Response”.

Why don’t we talk to each other anymore, but only email?

The tiredness blurs, it no longer exists.

I can work through the night and yet I somehow sleep five hours. It’s hard to get up and I have to wash down the breakfast bite with grapefruit juice, a few cornflakes with yoghurt,

It’s strangely fantastic how quickly I developed into a lone fighter. I can no longer take hard telephone conferences seriously. I recognize management phrases even before they are uttered – and yet I also use them myself – but only in exceptional cases.

Where did I end up, no, where did I get stranded. Washed into a five-star hotel. Interchangeable, even if it’s in Shanghai or Nanjing and has a beautiful view, especially at night.

Greed and fear are the drivers for many, but not for me. Why all this? The central question “How much can I enjoy?”

Indeed, they do exist, these moments of happiness. Whenever I have direct contact with  human beings, no matter in which country, no matter in which culture.

How much can I suppress in the beautiful moments: the upcoming decisions, the agonizing questions, the urgent actions to be done, the upcoming telephone conference, where it is not clear what to expect. Everything that has to do with being able to enjoy depends on it.

⏭️ The focus is on people. Being human. That’s how it works. ⏮️

Quite spontaneously, I go to the Internet as a distraction and find what I was looking for. A chanson by Reinhard Mey. I press the play button, hear the melody and the lyrics and give free rein to my longing at that moment.

I forward the link further home, seven hours behind my time, i.e. in the late evening hours. I let HER know at this moment how much I miss HER right now. And I can’t wait until I see HER back home.

(Lyrics translated): „As a year and a day ago, I love you. Perhaps only wiser and even more conscious. And still a day without you is a lost day, lost time for me. As a year and a day ago, happiness and your name are still the same word. But what may have changed: I love you even more than I did a year and a day ago.“

What I could really feel on all my business trips when I was traveling alone: loneliness and longing. Saying goodbye was also associated with the anticipation of seeing each other again on my return.

I never wanted to (and did everything to avoid it), to miss the flight back home.

➡️ There it is again, the topic of loneliness. How do you feel in lonely moments?

I’m Bernd Scharbert and I support leaders with my experiential knowledge after more than 30 years of leadership experience in the corporate world. Including in the question of how to reconcile family, career and life. If you are interested, please feel free to follow me at LinkedIn, #prepare4landing or contact me directly.

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