Jetlag Productivity

Jetlag Productivity

In case, you are interested for recipes to learn about and to develop competences for diversity, equity and inclusion, the book “Inclusive Intelligence” by Furkan Karayel is a wonderful learning expedition.

When I had it first in my hands, the author’s note on page 19 captivated me, already. Here, the timeline of the creation of the book is described and the fact that is has been written within two weeks in Plano, Texas with the help of the jetlag of the author, between 4.30 am and breakfast at 8.30 am every morning.

This resonated with me so well, that I almost could see this picture in my mind’s eye. How often had this happened to me – start my work super early before getting to the office, when I was in jetlag during my travels in North America.

One travel period, typically a two-week-arrangement, I had my spouse in company with me. The route was leading us to Chicago, St. Louis, Greenville in the Carolinas, Dallas and Montreal. As always, I worked in the usual rhythm, very early at the desk of our common hotel room before breakfast and before departing to the site or to the office.

I just made sure, that a freshly brewed coffee was ready, when my spouse opened her eyes with some disbelief, seeing me at work, already.

Still in her wake-up mode, she took her notebook and started to type. What was this about? Emails to our daughters back home in Europe, eager to learn, what we experienced on our trip together. She actually did this every morning over the course of the full two weeks and created with that a wonderful journal of her observations.

I loved that. Seeing us and seeing me from her perspective. I saw her amazed, impressed and surprised in her expressions, perceiving and absorbing the new with curiosity and interest. And I learned about her route planning, when the travel time between sites was value time for the two of us. This meant also stopping for lunch and dinner at the right location with something to see in the neighborhood. And to find a marvellous place for the weekend.

Being productive in the early morning hours during jetlag turned into a creative flow.

Coming back to Furkan’s book. There is much more to it, of course. But this is another story – later.

What is your experience with jetlag productivity?

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