Intercultural Connectivity

Intercultural Connectivity – Have you experienced this?

You meet someone again after many years and it feels like no time has passed at all. The conversation flows as if you had just seen each other yesterday.

That’s how I felt with Rebecca Sewell. We look back on a time together at Celanese, she worked in HR and I in Manufacturing. We hadn’t seen each other for ten years when we arranged to meet for a coffee near the Alte Oper in Frankfurt.

As we both find ourselves on a shared new path as coaches and founders, we refreshed our connection here on LinkedIn. Rebecca, who lives and works in London, was visiting family here in the Rhine/Main area and so we had to get together. From digital exchange to the analogue world and a reunion.

It took less than two minutes and we were deep in conversation. We exchanged views on

✳ Modern leadership skills and our desire to contribute where companies are focused on making leadership more people centric.

✳ Intercultural leadership excellence and our expectation that this competence will become increasingly important today and in the future.

✳ The concept of serendipity as a kind of coincidence, in which a discovery is made without having set out to search for it.

Interesting themes, shared values, similar concepts. Some of this we may now be able to develop further. Serendipity, in other words.

And today we are back in our virtual set up, nurturing our connection between London and Frankfurt.

➡ And you? Have you had similar experiences? Spontaneous conversations from which you take away unexpected discoveries? What have you learnt?

Rebecca Sewell is a Career Navigation Coach and the founding Director of META-U Coaching Limited. She helps people find their courage and strengths to make the changes they want.

And I am Bernd Scharbert, intercultural traveller and mentoring leaders, #Prepare4Landing.


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