In the online storytelling café

In the storytelling café at an online conference, what an interesting format, isn’t it?

I imagine myself sitting in front of my Zoom screen, espresso in hand, chatting about some experiences and maybe talking to one or the other, at least in the chat. There will probably be too little time for a detailed discussion.

“50plus meets 30minus” is my theme. And it’s about intergenerational dialogue. The baby boomers meet Generation Z and vice versa.

It all started a few years ago when one of my two daughters (in the pic above with me) was a social entrepreneur in the start-up scene and we discussed so much about gender equality and intergenerational justice. Since then, inverse learning and reverse mentoring have been very important to me. My daughters were my teachers.

Today, I ask the question, how do we get more age diversity into the decision-making process for sustainability management? And I’m talking about the participation process of the younger generation. There are really enough ideas for this, and also good ones. But how do we put them into practice?

I will have one or two examples of this in my storytelling case. And we need more of it.

Oh yes, and I always find young founders with really good ideas. For them, it’s about impact, not status. And about the future of our planet.

Max Rünzel, for example, is one of them. HiveTracks is the name of the now quite successful start-up on the topic of bee health and monitoring of biodiversity. And that’s where I can really help with the transition from the digital app environment to the analogue world of management.

So, and now I’m looking forward to my espresso and to a few listeners in my storytelling café on October 26th at 1:15 pm at the Change Maker 50+ Online Conference.

➡ Have I piqued your interest?

Then Susanne Sabisch-Schellhas, Dr. Leonie Koch M.A., Nicole Schmutte, Janna Bischoff and Klaus-Peter Mikulla certainly have the right link for registration.

My name is Bernd Scharbert and my job as a mentor for leaders and executives is to pass on my experiential knowledge after 30+ years of leadership experience in the corporate world. If you are interested, please feel free to follow #prepare4landing or contact me directly.

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