In Balance with Life

Leadership in balance with life – Some 20 years ago or so, as a facilitator for business process excellence, I was part of a team, that was given the task of developing a balanced scorecard for a global company. The subject was in vogue. During my opinion-making at that time through literature research, technical discussions and workshops, an idea crystallized for me personally to develop such an instrument for my own life planning, a “Balanced Scorecard for Life” so to speak, and then to test it.

As target fields, I considered topics like relationships, health, work, financials and leisure activities. In the central middle as an overarching element, I placed my spiritual component in the construct. I wanted to ask myself the questions how I define the respective topics, how I evaluate it and which goals and behaviours I can derive from it, always connected with the vision of how I want to set the focal points and priorities – in accordance with my Balanced Scorecard for Life.

Result: It is very important to escape the hectic of everyday working life, the wasting time, the small and small. The big picture is important. If I have clarity about my own goals and know what is important to me and what counts for me, then I can and will be able to set priorities consciously and experience again and again that I often can kill two flies [I hate to say “birds”], or even three or four, with just one stone.

As tool for analysis and reflection, I use various key categories in my personal Journal and in addition – with my technical science background, you might not be surprised – a cause & effect matrix out of the Six Sigma tool box. Are you interested in the 6 key questions, that I was asking to myself? You’ll find the respective statements at

What about you? Are you using a structured reflection to get clarity on your life and to keep you focused on what really matters to you?

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