Improving the World

Let’s use the momentum to make the world (of work) a better place.

“The Psychological Safety Playbook – Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human” is a wonderful base for making this happen. And there is a movement starting towards this direction. One can count me in.

Karolin Helbig and Minette Norman took me generously with them on their journey developing their Playbook. What a wonderful experience being so close. Just to be prepared for my discussions with Karolin, I created little cheat sheets.


And one of them got popular during the book launch party. I learned, that it was the prototype of one of their products, called “A glimpse into the contents of …”, shown in the picture on top. I still kept this cheat sheet (the pic here on left) and saw now the comparison of the early version vs. the final one.

All of the content of the five plays of the book can be perfectly applied in leading intercultural diverse teams, as I had to in my past corporate history.


I needed to create an environment, where everyone felt safe and was not shy to speak up and share own opinions. My learnings:

✳ New behaviours, often contradictory to one’s own instilled, had to be applied and adapted to the situation. Be tolerant for ambiguities.

✳ Cultural Wisdom had to be developed in an exploratory way, not only in the bi-cultural relationship, but in the entire diverse team of different cultures.

✳ Positions in the team had to be conveyable in a balanced way for everyone. For almost all of them, English was their second language. Listen and adjust the communication style.

This is where my experience lies, developed during a long corporate career as global Manufacturing leader in Chemical Industry.

I always could count on strong and strategic HR support, whether out of Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Dallas, Tx. There was and is always the focus on making the world a better place – together.

The Playbook here is a wonderful tool and complements my experience with theoretical knowledge and application strategies.

The movement for making the world of work a better place, has been initiated and you can read about it at a recent post on LinkedIn by Karolin.

➡ Let’s use the momentum. I lean in for that and am available for any questions, you might have.

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