I am not an expert but just a leader

I am not an expert but just a leader who believes in the principle of psychological safety and is looking for an approach to quickly learn what it is all about and how to apply the methodology.

And as a manager, I have little time and everything has to go super fast and easy, especially when it comes to my own development.

Good thing this book was written. I have the feeling, it was developed just for me and for everyone who feels like me.

It is clear and crisp, straightforward, gets to the point quickly and has real case studies. That’s where I find myself and can, depending on my needs, start quickly and easily, not in a certain order, but where I want it and need it most. Perfect.

I think I’m a good listener, so I want to skip the second chapter – chapter is called Play in the book. Play 2 is “Master the Art of Listening”. Then I stumble upon the following sentence:

➡ Good listeners are more like a trampoline than a sponge: they amplify the speaker’s energy rather than passively absorbing it.

I would like to know more about that. So, skipping is not an option and I decide to read after the chapters in the order of the book. Because everywhere my “aha’s” just bubble out. I prefer the direct speech suggestions, short and sweet and to the point.

✳ “What am I missing?”

✳ “Tell me more.”

✳ “Yes, and”

✳ “That feedback hit me harder than expected, and I’d like a minute to think about …”

I read the book in three hours. The Stabilo Boss colour marker was always close. It took me the next three hours to summarize my findings in my journal. And that’s it.

But wait: Now the application begins, the PRACTICE, and then the reflection and back to the book, which has now become a reference book. How convenient.

It all works like a game. Just a playbook. I am excited.

No question, that I recommend the book with full conviction. If you are interested, the authors Karolin and Minette can certainly tell you where and how best to get it. I’ve got it already.

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