Constantly travelling, living and working abroad. And yet having a family life. How does that work? This blog is about this and tips for managers in this working environment. Welcome.

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Expat Life & Business Travel

The pandemic is officially over

On 2 February 2023, after three years, the time has come: Masks are no longer mandatory in both long-distance and public transport in Germany. The pandemic is officially over. I think back. March 2020. For

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Surprise in my Mailbox today

I have known Karolin for more than fifteen years. Back then, we worked together as a team to develop strategies on how we could make an important value chain in chemical production more profitable and

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Expat Life & Business Travel

Jetlag Productivity

Jetlag Productivity In case, you are interested for recipes to learn about and to develop competences for diversity, equity and inclusion, the book “Inclusive Intelligence” by Furkan Karayel is a wonderful learning expedition. When I

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Prepare for Landing ….


is for me the keyword for the beginning of a new adventure. It is the arrival at a new place of my life. Exciting, inspiring, satisfying my curiosity.

Change, discovery, adaptation.

Observe, learn, be there.

All this goes through my mind during the landing approach.