Constantly travelling, living and working abroad. And yet having a family life. How does that work? This blog is about this and tips for managers in this working environment. Welcome.

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Leadership In Balance

A Day in my Career

🟡 5:30 a.m.: I’m an early riser, every second or third day I run 5k, then breakfast with the family. 🟡 8 a.m.: Morning meeting in one of the ten production facilities: maitenance, improvement ideas,

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Intercultural Leadership

A day in Prague

The day I met the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic – It was August 21, 2007 and I flew to Prague especially for a two-hour conversation with Andrej Babiš. It was about a position

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Expat Life & Business Travel

Lonely Moments – back in Australia

From One to Two – And from „Einsamkeit“ ( being alone) to „Zweisamkeit“ (being together as a couple). I experienced this extremely in the first days of the pandemic. I was in Bahrain and Saudi

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Leadership In Balance

If you ask, you win

May 6, 2024, a 25-year anniversary of a feedback. If you ask, you win If you talk, you hear yourself twice —————————– If you ask, you lead Those who preach tire others and learn nothing.

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A Book Review in Entry Interviews

“What book are you reading right now?” One of my favorite questions when I accompany young adults in their preparations for university entry interviews or scholarships. We practice the upcoming interview with questions that could

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Leadership In Balance


Actually, the weather is too nice, but on my to-do list today is “billing”. I look out of the open window and don’t really feel to keep on working on my list. I think of

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Prepare for Landing ….


is for me the keyword for the beginning of a new adventure. It is the arrival at a new place of my life. Exciting, inspiring, satisfying my curiosity.

Change, discovery, adaptation.

Observe, learn, be there.

All this goes through my mind during the landing approach.