Bye Celanese. Some 24 years ago, Celanese GmbH departed from Hoechst AG. And I was part of that, responsible for planning and organizing the move into a new office building in Frankfurt, combining all business functions. It was the start of a fascinating journey with job responsibilities around the world, including living temporarily in Amsterdam and Al Jubail. Now the time has come to retire from Celanese, to say good-bye and transition into something new.

Quit while you’re ahead – even if it hurts. How many times have I heard this! A standard phrase in sports. There are many who got it right, but also some, who couldn’t stop.

Throughout my career, my maxim never changed: Try to do what one is best at and what one enjoys most. Working with people from different cultures is part of that, Intercultural Leadership. I just loved the cultural versatility of my role and I am more than grateful that Celanese gave me the opportunity to live this dream.

But most importantly, I tried to keep my Leadership-in-Balance-with-Life attitude to focus on all priorities of life including my professional career, of course. The profession is an important part of the “Balanced Scorecard for Life”, but only one part and for sure not the most important one.

Let me thank those of you that I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with. For your support, for your recognition, and most importantly for your trust in me that I always felt.

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