Gesture beyond football

A gesture that goes beyond football.

When Chloe Kelly takes the final penalty, her body language shows the confidence and will to shoot England into the quarter-finals. And she succeeds in a convincing manner.

With 120 minutes of a nerve-wracking match behind both teams, FIFA World No. 40 Nigeria and No. 4 England, who have become tournament favourites. The game was on a knife’s edge, a 50:50 game between two teams at eye level.

After the final scene, which was successful for England, Chloe Kelly cheered only briefly and waited a moment to celebrate and be celebrated.

First, she went to Nigeria’s goalkeeper, Chiamaka Nnadozie, who was lying on the ground, stunned, her hands in front of her face. Giving comfort was her gesture.

Was that fair play, in the words of the German TV reporter?

From my point of view, it went beyond that. It was a change of perspective in the minute of victory.

✳ Empathy

✳ Respect for the opponents and for the great game that Nigeria also delivered.

✳ Humility. After all, how easy it would have been to be on the side of the loser.

Impressive. That’s how you celebrate victories. That’s how you become a champion.

➡ Or how do you see it?

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