Galapagos – No Network

This has never happened to me before!

In fact, I hadn’t foreseen that. No network, no reception for ten days. I was outside civilization (oh dear!) in the great outdoors, somewhere in the ocean between the Galapagos islands, not alone but without contact with the outside world.

One after the other.

I had taken three weeks off. In my function and in an American company, duration was an exception rather than the rule. But I didn’t do it for the first time. I had gotten into the habit of checking my emails about every 5 days so that I didn’t have to deal with hundreds of them after my break, so tidying up. For urgent issues, I was also available by phone, and this was actually used from time to time.

And now this surprise.

The uneasy feeling was that I had not logged out. I was simply unreachable without any warning – by the way, also for the extended family. And no news about world events and no Bundesliga results in the final phase of the season.

And further?

With each passing day of this virtual seclusion, I got more used to it and enjoyed this unexpected freedom. Nothing could be changed anyway.

The concentration was now fully focused on the essentials: nature on these holidays.

That’s how it should always be on vacation, right?

➡ How do you do that during your break? Switched on your mobile phone and check emails regularly or not?

Have a nice summer ….


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