From time to time in the here and now

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From time to time in the here and now.

This, too, is part of looking to the future. On Sunday, my spouse and I were out and about in Frankfurt’s main cemetery, a park-like complex, radiating calm. Time in conversation to reflect on what will be.

In the cemetery there is an ensemble of benches, in which the top plank bears lettering, developed and implemented by the artist Elmar Lixenfeld. And one of them reads ⏭ from time to time in the here and now ⏮

My thoughts wander off into the past. I’m thinking of encounters with people who have left memories with me. I’m thinking

✳ of my grandparents and events, some of which date back more than 50 years and are still present in my mind.

✳ of a reunion with old friends I haven’t seen for years and talking to me as if it were the continuation of yesterday’s conversation.

✳ of learning experiences in a professional or private environment, where a piece of advice or an example has paved the way for me.

These experienced situations are my role models. Because that’s how I would like to be remembered one day. With my impact through encounters with people, whether in a private or professional environment. And these thoughts determine my actions today, in the here and now.

➡ And you? How far into your future do you think?

Thanks to Harald Wolfram Klein for the inspiration for this post (

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