Euro 24 – Football has us back

And the sayings have also developed. Translated from my German handwriting, they read as follows:

šŸŸ” No tactics, no matter how good, is as clever as a stupid goal.

šŸŸ” The head thinks, the foot steers.

šŸŸ” Whenever you think you can’t go on, from somewhere there comes a cross.

šŸŸ” Don’t think about the cabin until you’re in!

Picked up a few years ago.

Football has us back, at least for a few weeks with the promise of a German summer fairy tale.

The wish is probably the father of the thought.

This time I follow the European Championships from a distance from my chosen workation in Sydney. At 5 AM in the morning, usually. Interested from my coaching perspective.

I can’t completely ignore my national consciousness, even if I don’t have great expectations regarding the German performance. Well, maybe with Toni Kroos at the end of his unique career and with the many players from @VfB Stuttgart in the squad, my team.

What is it actually about? Is it about international understanding? Is it a sign of peace and freedom? Or a football festival at a location that knows something about it?

About a little bit of all this and, of course, above all about winning. Writing history in football. For Germany, the last title win was a long time ago. 1996. Golden Goal. Oliver Bierhoff.

And now? Today, a game lasts longer than 90 minutes. The ball is still round, but with different and developed trajectories so that it is not made too easy for the goalkeepers. Changes to the playing equipment, almost like in Formula 1. And digital goal-line technology, as well as the video assistant referee (VAR) have made their entry into the world of football.

Technology has changed the way the game is played, and so have tactics. But in the end, the team that enjoys the game the most wins. Just like on the football pitches around the world. In any case, it would be nice.

āž”ļø And the fact that the joy of doing prevails is a task and leadership responsibility in big business football and in business in general. Or what do you think?

Iā€˜m Bernd Scharbert and I write about experiences that can be transferred from football to business life. If you are interested, feel free to follow me at LinkedIn, #fussballmeetsbusiness or #Prepare4Landing.

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