En-route to Sigmaringen

It’s less than 50 miles on German streets, but it takes me more than an hour to drive there.

It goes overland from my parents’ house in Oberndorf am Neckar to Sigmaringen to the university there, where I hold a third of my hybrid lectures for the Faculty of Business Science and Management on the topic of “Business Ethics and Sustainability” on site in lecture hall 701.

I ride on a route that reminds me of my childhood. No motorway, but country roads, Hohenzollern Castle in view and trucks that set the pace, hardly faster than 50 miles per hour.

In the meantime, I live and work in Frankfurt am Main and often travel abroad. I combine the on-site lecture with a visit to my parents’ house and that’s how the route I drive today comes about. It’s pure nostalgia or, let’s say, a few rediscovered feelings of home.

I pass Rosenfeld and @Blickle, Balingen and @Bizerba and finally Albstadt-Ebingen and @Groz-Beckert. Hidden champions, but they are no longer so hidden, but rather clearly visible. The company names are still familiar to me from my childhood. Family businesses as one of the main pillars of the German economy. This can literally be “felt” on the route.

The topic of sustainability is now something that concerns us all. And the students are busy researching what the companies in the surrounding area have to say about the topic. After all, you want to feel that you are in good hands with an employer of the future when it comes to this topic.

For me, it’s about sustainable business in its three facets. Ecology, economy and social issues and the question ⏭ “How do we get more age diversity into the decision-making process of companies?” And I’m talking about the participation process of the younger generation.” ⏮

And so the dialogue discussions arise as part of the lecture, between the students on the one hand and the companies in the immediate vicinity on the other. And my wish for this: please at eye level, because we can all learn from each other together.

➡ And how do you see it? Do you have any ideas on how we can move forward together on this topic?

My name is Bernd Scharbert and I support executives and managers with my experience from over 30 years of leadership experience in the corporate world. Incidentally, this also applies to the question of how to reconcile family, career and life. If you are interested, please follow me on LinkedIn, #prepare4landing or contact me directly.

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