Digital Crisis Management

Staying active, even if things turn out quite differently than expected.

Within my career progression, it was clear to me from the beginning that the amenities associated with the status were temporary. The company car, business class travel and IT support around the clock are wonderful and pleasant, but for a limited time, only.

My prevention strategy had two approaches:

✳ Don’t get used to these comforts, and above all: don’t become dependent on them. Enjoy for now, yes. But always be aware that it could all be over the next day.

✳ Actively prepare alternatives, especially when it comes to IT. And that meant investing in good IT technology privately, learning the basics myself and also building up a well-functioning private IT support.

This helped me a lot when I left corporate professional life and started my own business in a playful way. But even then, the same rule applied: Be aware of the risks of using a technology platform too one-sidedly and prepare alternatives.

And now it has caught me cold. My LinkedIn account has been hacked and is blocked. And it was my fault. I could have prevented it.

Very annoying, especially because I brought my account to life, which was slumbering in deep sleep, still just two years ago. I’m learning on LinkedIn, and I’m learning fast. I like to comment and I like to write short storytelling posts about my leadership categories and I enjoy the immediate response to them.

All gone overnight. Hopefully only temporarily for a few days or weeks. But who knows.

As much as I enjoy LinkedIn, I was aware of this risk. Different scenarios, but similar consequences. Not becoming dependent on a platform, and staying in action, is important in the perceived crisis in order not to accept the feeling of being “at the mercy of others”.

Now I continue writing on my blog at my website. It was created and grew a year ago. Got really big. With Ursula Vormwald, I had a clever advisor who gave me the idea for the blog, and with Katrin Prakoonwit, an excellent website designer, who designed the blog page in such a way that I can easily use it in a user-friendly way. Thank you both very much for that.

Only the resonance is still expandable. That’s why there’s no way around LinkedIn, my favorite platform. I’m working on rebuilding. And personal IT support is at my side. Thank you for that, Stefan Wellsow.

➡ The sense of achievement and frustration resilience are siblings in spirit. Or how do you see it

I’m Bernd Scharbert and my role as a mentor and facilitator for executives and leaders is to pass on my experiential knowledge after more than 30 years of leadership experience in the corporate world. This also includes crisis management. If you are interested, feel free to follow me at #prepare4landing on LinkedIn when it works again, or contact me directly.


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