Decision Making in a Crisis

Making a decision, even or especially when it is particularly important: in a crisis.

That’s what my contribution to the GABAL IMPULSE anthology “Securing the Future” is about, and also about how to stay cool while doing it, what to consider when making a decision, how one communicates after the decision in the crisis, and, finally, very important, what should be done to learn from the crisis.

An experienced event serves as an explanatory example and may even read like an adventurous travelogue. Because during the pandemic, my spouse and I were separated in Bahrain (our apartment here in the picture above). I then decided to find a way from my workplace in Saudi Arabia back to my family in Germany – as quickly as possible, with some detours and with consequences.

From this and from my many years of industry experience, I have derived my five basic recommendations on how to get out of a crisis.

Enough revealed, now it’s time to read.

You can meet me and some of the other authors, if you like, at the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 19th

⏭ at 1:30 p.m. at the GABAL booth,

⏭ at 4:00 p.m. in the Satellite Office at Opernplatz 4 for the symposium of all authors of the anthology

⏭ and from 7 p.m. in the Skyline Plaza in Johanna Dahm’s concept store on the ground floor.

And even better:
⏭ From October 11, there is a free download on Amazon for the next three days. The link will be available soon.

With the activities as an author around the Book Fair, a long-cherished dream is coming true for me. And what about your dreams?

The inspiring network with the other authors of the anthology is a pleasure. Thank you, Marion Masholder, Ute Grandt, Dr.-Ing. Manuela Kramp, Dr. Anja Henke, Dr. Dirk Peters, Maria Prinz, MSc💛, Sabine Steinbeck, Bettina Groetzki, Dr. Johanna Dahm, Nicola Schmidt, Ingeborg Dr. Osthoff, Sonja Connert-Weiss, Thomas Krombholz and Susanne Teister

My name is Bernd Scharbert and my job as a mentor and companion for executives is to ensure that virtual and intercultural teams are successful. This also includes change and crisis management. If you are interested, feel free to follow me at LinkedIn and hashtag #prepare4landing or contact me directly.

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