Coffee Culture

Nice smell –

I’ve just returned from my morning run in Prince Alfred Park and take the elevator to the floor of our apartment. That’s when I hear this remark from the man, who is in the elevator with me.

I look at him in shock. But he points to my coffee tray and adds: “I can smell your coffee.”

I have a flat white, a cappuccino and two long blacks for me and my family, with whom I spend my workation together in Sydney. For breakfast.

I find the coffee culture here in Australia very convincing. There is a café on every corner where you can grab your coffee-to-go. Ideally, of course, in your own reusable cup. And it’s never a disappointment: there’s simply no thin or bad coffee here.

Coffee culture in Australia has its origins in the post-war period, when Italian immigrants arrived with their espresso machines. Here in Sydney, you can’t stand bad coffee and you often walk past a nearby coffee shop to enjoy your favourite café’s morning coffee.

In my family’s opinion, our favourite café is “Knock” and is located on the corner of Charmers-Cleveland.

“Knock, knock, knockin’ on Heaven’s door…”, comes to my mind. And in terms of our coffee enjoyment, we already feel very connected to the Australian culture.

Diving into a different culture – Germany meets Australia for coffee lovers.

➡️ And you? How do you drink your coffee?

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