Biodiversity in Boone

Biodiversity Monitoring will be a key process to understand planetary health. This is my believe.

Have you ever been to Boone, North Carolina? It is the location of the Appalachian State University and an area of natural beauty.

And there is the Booneshine Brewery. High Country Honey is the name of the amber ale brewed with local honey and honey malt. A slight honey/caramel sweetness is balanced by a crisp, refreshing finish.

I tried it during my meeting with Max Rünzel in Boone, and I learned that the local honey’s origin is authenticated by the start-up company “HiveTracks.”

Max is the CEO of HiveTracks, and we talked about biodiversity and bees and how the location of the bee hives influences their health and longevity.

HiveTracks developed an app to improve honey production and bee health for beekeepers. The observations collected within the app support the development of indicators to monitor regional biodiversity.

➡ What if we could incentivize beekeepers all over the world to monitor biodiversity?

I believe biodiversity is a key enabler for the future, regarding our planetary health, and the health of the human species in general.

The value of the locally collected data and the ability to compare regions and sites is a wonderful opportunity to create a powerful tool to support sustainability and planet-positive policymaking.

This is my expectation.

➡ And you? What does biodiversity mean to you, and how do you measure it?

Thank you, Max, for the inspiring discussion.

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