Actually, the weather is too nice, but on my to-do list today is “billing”. I look out of the open window and don’t really feel to keep on working on my list.

I think of a conversation with Karolin some time ago, when she told me that she doesn’t like this side process of her consulting work at all. But it just has to be.

I have known Karolin for twenty years now. It started with a consultant (Karolin) client (Bernd) business relationship. Fifteen years later, we met again in Amsterdam, after Karolin had started her own business. Another LinkedIn-finding-former-contacts story. Maybe more on that later.

Now that I started my own business, we meet regularly for exchanging thoughts and ideas during a virtual coffee online and sometimes, unfortunately far too rarely, even face-2-face.

What connects us both:

✳️ The interest in people, in being human in general and the question of how we can shape our work in a humane way. Building Trust by Being Human, in the words of Minette Norman.

✳️ The interest in how we function as human beings. Biology, chemistry and our thought processes.

✳️ The interest in journaling and how such a journal is structured, which categories we reflect on and what we can learn from it.

✳️ And finally, the interest in reading. No conversation ends without Karolin’s question as to what is currently on my book table.

We never talk about invoicing, except for this one time. After all, the aversion to writing invoices is a luxury problem. I’m even a little proud of it, because I’ve arrived – in self-employment.

The morning sun shines on my workplace in the home office. And my cash flow plan signals to me that it doesn’t matter whether I get paid in 30 or 31 days at the agreed payment term.

I decide to postpone the invoicing until tomorrow. Today I will enjoy the weather. Thank you Karolin for the reminder, even if it was two years ago.

➡️ And you? How do you feel about your to-do list when priorities suddenly shift?

I am Bernd Scharbert and my task as an advisor for leaders and executives is to accompany them in such a way that globally composed and intercultural teams have the opportunity to develop further in their growth mindset. If you are interested, please follow me at LinkedIn, #Prepare4Landing or contact me directly.

The picture shows Karolin and me in Darmstadt during one of our face-2-face meetings. I am busy there with writing a dedication, not an invoice.

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