Between two cultures – Germany meets Australia

Season Greetings from Sydney (Martin Place and Darling Harbour)

Diving into a different culture – Germany meets Australia

First time arriving to Australia in Sydney last year, starting at our home in Frankfurt, we had a stop-over in Singapore, diving into an Asian melting pot, before moving on. And then Sydney. It felt like a mixture of a melting pot and somewhat being back to the known Western World with a UK feeling on the roads. But this was only the first impression.

Us travelling to Australia is meanwhile like a part-time move, a commute between Sydney and Frankfurt, even if the commute takes almost two days. Family matters the most. Commuting, as we also want to be close to one of our daughters, who lives and works in Sydney. TCKs (Third Culture Kids) become TCK Adults.

My second impression after having been there last year for a few weeks: Australians are aware about their national treasure – nature, monuments and wild life, and also about their national vulnerabilities, as there are wildfires, flooding events and heat.

And with that, I guess, comes the respect and valuation of their first peoples (despite all the discussion around the lost referendum on October 14). I was very impressed, as I learned, that Australian first peoples have a lot of knowledge and wisdom to mitigate national vulnerabilities. And, that this wisdom is more and more actively utilized. A smart learning process, also to handle climate change challenges.

Now, we are back here again for the holidays (and more) and I am excited to verify or correct my second impressions and to add new experiences.

⏭ Australia, we are back.

And one more observation, especially with my German lenses. I really like the Australian mindset to, as Germans would say, “auch mal fünf gerade sein lassen”.

➡ And what about you? What is your experience with first, second or third impressions with a new culture?

To all of you, Happy Holidays and enjoy the break.

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