Be aware of the uniqueness of the moment

We, my spouse and I, stood at the window on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore and admired the skyline at night. BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful.

I had wondered what to do about loneliness on business trips and wondered why I hadn’t come up with the idea earlier to simply take my spouse with me – at private expense, of course. At least from time to time and if her schedule allowed it. She was free and unbound during the school holidays.

And so we were on this trip in Asia together. Singapore, Shanghai and Nanjing were on the two-week itinerary to the plants I was responsible for. And we spent the weekend in Singapore in the hotel, which is known for its architecture and its infinity pool at the top. What an experience.

The night was almost too valuable to waste with sleep. Large windows and this brilliant view from up here. Conversations and enjoying this panorama with open curtains until early morning hours.

Still sleepy we went to the infinity pool the next morning at 6 o’clock before sunrise. It was still a full moon, and it stood directly above the skyline until the sun rose.

What a marvellous pool area. On one side, shady trees grew and the safety glass boundary allowed a clear field of view of the Supertrees below. On the other side, we only had eyes for the palm trees and the view into the endless expanse of the skyline and the sky.

Why am I telling you all this?

It was a kind of farewell tour, because a change of the sites within my manufacturing responsibility took the location Singapore off my travel map. It hurt to say goodbye and I felt melancholy.

We both were of the same opinion:
✳ “Let’s just keep our mind and eyes on all of this here for the moment, take it within us and keep it there. Because we don’t know if we’ll have the chance to experience it again.”

To be aware of the uniqueness of the moment, to enjoy it and to be grateful for it, that’s what mattered now.

My travels around my daily work were impressively fascinating and it was wonderful to be able to share my moments of happiness with someone so close.

➡ And what experiences have you had with your moments of happiness?

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