Bali or Balingen

Bali or Balingen?

Birgit Schön recently asked the question when it came to the location of choice for a workation (see

For me, this very question arose 15 years ago. At that time, I took over a global manufacturing leadership role within a chemical company and in this role I was traveling to China for the first time in my life. Several weeks a year.

I saw and experienced Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing and the high speed of progress there. Pure learning. I wanted my family to be a part of this learning experience.

So I asked my wife and my two grown-up daughters if they would like to take a tour with me through the “land of fast-growing opportunities”. No sooner said than done and booked.

And at the end of the tour we will travel via Singapore back to Germany. Or so I thought.

“Dad, it’s only a stone’s throw from Singapore to Bali,” my daughter told me.

“We know you can only take two weeks off, but we’re staying in Bali for a few more days to recover from the exhausting trip.”

Wow. They had actually already booked an apartment. Beautiful. Close to the beach. A dream.

“Oh yes,” my daughter added, “the apartment is for three people but also would be a fit for four. And it has a LAN connection, by the way. Just FYI.”

How cleverly this was communicated by her. I extended my vacation by a week. In my role in an American company, this was associated with a kind of crisis communication. But I had LAN in the apartment and was available online at any time.

In fact, it became a kind of workation with a lot of vacation and a little bit of work. A three-week holiday trip is simply wonderful and was no longer the exception in the following years, but rather the rule.

Today, by the way, I like to be in Balingen, or nearby in Sigmaringen, where I teach business ethics and sustainability for business students at the university. And when I’m on site for lectures from time to time, I spend a few extra days close to my parents’ house.

So yes: Workation near Balingen, at least for a few days a year.

➡️ How do you see a “workation”: as a fad, brought into conversation by the younger generation or as an achievement and important element in the topic of “New Work”?

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