Back on track again

Back on Track again. And I mean on Track & Field.

Do you know the feeling when a suitcase gets lost? That’s what happened to me with Singapore Airlines on a direct flight from Singapore to Sydney. Not so bad, I thought, but if it still hasn’t arrived after three weeks and my running shoes are in the suitcase, with special insoles adapted to my feet, then it develops into a drama.

First I kept fit with walking, then I tried my walking shoes for jogging. But that didn’t work at all.

I remembered a circumstance from my Business role in Saudi Arabia during the pandemic. After the lifting of the six-month home office obligation and my return trip from Germany to Al Jubail, a two-week quarantine in my apartment in Murjan Village was announced. And for me, the question arose as to how I could keep fit in this restricted situation.

On the spur of the moment, I ordered an exercise bike online in advance and had it set up in my apartment.

“This cost for just the two weeks?” my assistant asked me. “Is it worth it?”

“Yes, of course,” was my opinion. The ceiling will fall on my head anyway and this way I will at least have a fitness routine that will bring me a little diversion through the 14 days of loneliness.

I had a nice balcony and in no time at all the small fitness equipment was there. So a real outdoor opportunity was actually created.

So, why did I hesitate for so long now here in Sydney. Off to the nearest sports store and picked out a pair of running shoes. Although the adjusted insoles are still missing, it will work for the next few weeks, though.

And this morning I was on the run with it. What a good feeling. I have arrived here, even if that doesn’t apply to my suitcase yet.

➡ And you? What back-up fitness options do you use when something goes wrong?

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