At Perry’s Place

Sales, supply chain and manufacturing – they have to go together, right?

I don’t just mean the processes, but also the interpersonal cooperation. The chemistry has to be right.

✳ Mutual understanding,

✳ common problem-solving tactics across functional boundaries.

✳ We all need to know and understand customer needs,

✳ and we want to celebrate a sense of achievement together.

From my point of view, this is an excellent recipe for success.

For a long time, I myself was responsible for the manufacturing of a business unit as a globally responsible production leader. At the same time, Perry was the responsible sales leader across all regions and Mike was in charge of supply chain planning – worldwide.

A few years ago, we worked together in the business team to help determine the outcome for the business unit – at that time as expats out of the Amsterdam office.

We have remained friends ever since and are currently hiking together in Carolina’s wonderful nature. Perry moved here, Mike lives in Dallas, Texas and I’m from Frankfurt in Germany.

A shout-out to our former boss. We had a great time with him as a team. Warm greetings to Marcel.

➡ And how about you? Out of sight, out of mind – or further connected in friendship?

If you are interested, I accompany executives who are on international assignments or like to clarify issues in intercultural situations.


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