And which book will help you shape your future?

60plus – Transition to Retirement: A glance at my bookshelf suggests that I didn’t want to enter this new phase of life completely unprepared. Because with others (for example Claudine Reid, Klaus-Peter Mikulla) I share the opinion that the transition to this phase is a widely underestimated process.

And even though I have planned a year as a sabbatical, I am pursuing a first plan with three subject areas.


  1. Pursue a matter close to the heart –

Everyone is talking about sustainability and climate change. Me too – with my family, with young adults of the FÖJ Association in Hesse and the Leadership Network Rhine-Main around Laurin Strößenreuther.

As a mentor, I accompany a dialogue project with young adults in the Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) on the one hand and industrial companies on the other hand on the topic of sustainability. It’s about data transparency and trust, and about the extraordinary importance of the topic.


  1. Be creative –

Creative phases usually come unexpectedly for me, and then to topics that have often been in the room for some time. In these moments, I now have the time to create the necessary space to report creatively, so to speak, as Annika Theobald suggested.

Then I manage to pick up the pen and get into the flow to write about content that inspires me and about which I have something to say.


  1. Be responsive –

Experiential learning has a significant influence on the career path and on the path of life: event moments that set the course for tomorrow. A courageous “no” for which the right tone must be found, for example.

For this and other tricky things, I am happy to be approachable to share experience knowledge (Leadership in Balance,


It is also exciting to discover demographic networks, to take up topics such as Storytelling and Storylistening, and to begin to understand how “new working environments” and “new work” are defined.

And one more thing, very important. The concept of the ‘stakeholder’ has taken on a whole new perspective. It’s just nice to have time for being a grandfather.


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