Age Diversity

Age Diversity – The underestimated potential of the 50-plus age group is obvious. The need to counteract the given demographic development as well.

That’s why it’s so important to venture into new ways with conviction, drive and passion.

This is especially true for the agency founder of the “Gründungszentrum 50plus”, Yani Neugebauer. As a member of this platform, I experience the current development very closely. Exciting! Two days ago, a podcast interview by Yani with Gabor Steingard was published on “The Media Pioneers”. Well worth listening to. The podcast is available on all popular podcast platforms and Yani from minute 06:49,

I asked around in my age group.

✳ Many of us no longer want a permanent position, but flexible models of assignment and also limited in time. Yani mentioned this also in the podcast.

✳ Many of us want even more modern leadership skills in companies and are actively advocating for them. “New Work for Old Staff” is what Christine Reutel calls it.

✳ And for many of us, the coherence of values with one’s own task is an absolute must and can no longer be negotiated.

➡ And how do you see it?

At this point, I would also like to mention the great #Changemaker50PLUS initiative. There I collected my first impressions on the topic of age diversity, got to know wonderful role models or met them again and was inspired by them.

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