A Day in my Career

🟡 5:30 a.m.: I’m an early riser, every second or third day I run 5k, then breakfast with the family.

🟡 8 a.m.: Morning meeting in one of the ten production facilities: maitenance, improvement ideas, capital expenditure projects, quality.

🟡 9 a.m.: Coordination meeting with my secretary’s office. The most important things about the daily routine in ten minutes.

🟡 9:30 a.m.: Legal entity routine, two hours. With my Commercial colleague, we discuss the most important topics together with the Business Controller, the HR Manager and representatives of the Legal Department, Tax Department, Quality Management and Product Safety.

🟡 12 noon: Lunch with the production masters. We have beef sausage and rolls and conversations for exchange. I do that once a month.

🟡 2 p.m.: Investment committee at the industrial park operator. It’s about a 2 million project.

🟡 After that, various things including a personnel development talk with an employee.

🟡 From 6 p.m.: Preparation of the site routine meeting for the next day. There I meet my entire management team every two weeks.

🟡 7 p.m.: Finishing up to be with the family in time for dinner together.

I do get thoughtful when I read this today. That was 20 years ago now. And the answer to a question in a job interview when I was site manager and technical director in a chemical company.

Today it reads like this:

🟢 I’m an early riser, so around 5:30 a.m. posting at LinkedIn, what was prepared the days before. It is online at 6 a.m. I do this every two weeks, but rarely more often.

🟢 Then a cup of coffee with my wife before we go out into nature for an hour, mostly jogging, between 5k and up to 8k. Every day.

🟢 Afterwards breakfast. The bakery is right around the corner and also on our jogging route.

🟢 9 a.m.: I’m looking forward to the reactions to my post, if any have arrived. Most of the time, it has.

🟢 The rest of the day is a mix of preparations (usually the lecture or a presentation), coaching session, taking care of the grandchildren (I love this part), online meetings, often related to questions about intergenerational topics and projects.

The start of the day has remained similar. Otherwise, a lot has changed, also in my attitude. A learning curve.

➡️ And what about you? How has your working style changed in recent years?

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